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3 Future Shoe Technologies That Will Forever Change Footwear

Posted on October 21 2015

When fashion intersects with shoes, the results are rewarding. When technology intersects with shoes, the results are mind-blowing. As the shoe manufacturers continually work on new technologies to optimize looks and comfort, it develops the most exclusive, innovative ideas for consumers: gel insoles that count calories, for example.

According to the National Shoe Retailers Association, stores sold approximately $31.315 billion dollars’ worth of shoes in 2014, which totaled almost $10 billion more in sales than a decade before. Women alone spend an average of three weeks’ worth of pay annually on their kicks, says Psychology Today. With an active lifestyle becoming increasingly popular, customers look for new trends in the shoe industry that will allow one to feel his or her best without breaking the bank.

Enter wearable technology.

If a company wants to be the best, they have to offer the best, and along with that comes many exciting prototypes for different shoes. Take a look at these three shoe technologies in the works that will elevate the shoe game, whether it’s for fashion or function.

  1. Shift Sneakers – Say you have the perfect outfit picked out, but can’t seem to match it with your shoes. Say hello to the idea of Shift Sneakers. Even though the product is still in the concept stages, programmers want the consumer to be able to change the color of different parts of the shoe by using a smartphone app. And … Poof! … Gone are the days of color clashing.
  2. Reebok’s Pump TechnologyReebok’s ZPump Fusion shoe created a specific type of technology that allows one to pump up their product to a desired comfort level. Along with a carbonated foam underfoot, these shoes provide support at a reasonable price.
  3. Sweat Eliminating Insoles – The Garneau Carbon Team wants one to be able to work out without worrying about the unfortunate side effect of sweaty feet. Still in the works, this shoe technology involves an insole made with threads of xylitol. The idea behind it is simple: the chemical causes fibers to mix with sweat, which in turn results in a refrigerant that eliminates the excess moisture.

Shoe Technology Meets Social Media

You don’t have to wait for these innovations to see how the shoe industry continues to evolve. With the Summer 2016 Olympics in Rio quickly approaching, it’s safe to assume that fans will be interacting with athletes through various social media channels. Teaming up with Adidas, Nash Money designed a shoe in 2012 that consists of a two-line LCD screen in order to allow fans to tweet at athletes during competition. A little motivation never hurt anybody. Welcome to the golden age of technology.

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