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3 Great Tips to Select the Shoe Size Perfect for You

Posted on October 02 2015

Today is a shopping day. You just got paid. You need to replenish your wardrobe for summer. You are inspired by all the outfits you saw in celebrity posts from Coachella. You’ve already raided your favorite clothing store, but you couldn’t find anything you loved. Feeling defeated and a little frustrated, you think about heading home empty-handed, until you remember there’s something you haven’t combed through yet: the shoes.

The shoes! You hurry to the closest shoe store and browse rows of footwear, daydreaming about the pair you might take home today. Maybe a strappy sandal. Maybe an edgier pair of boots.

You find a pair you love, grab your size, and sit down. You’re excited to see how much better these shoes look on your feet than they did in the box. Shoes on, confidence up, you stand up to do a little strut in the mirror—and you almost fall over when your foot slips right out of the shoe you thought was tightly fastened. Too big. After you search for a smaller size in vain, your shopping dreams are crushed. But didn’t you try on the shoe size you always wear?

Three Pro Tips on Sizes in the Shoe Shop

So how do you choose a shoe when considering number sizes isn’t enough?

  1. Start by putting your bigger foot forward. Almost everyone has one foot that is larger than the other, so be sure to consider the larger foot when selecting your shoe size. A shoe with a little more wiggle room is sure to be more comfortable than one that is constricting or too tight.
  2. Once you’ve found a shoe you like, take a hike. You should get a few good steps in the shoes before you decide if they work for you. A sample session in your new kicks can help determine if the shoe size you selected is hard to too big, too small or, hopefully, just right!
  3. Finally, save shoe shopping for last. Your feet swell throughout the day and will be largest at the end of the day when you’ve been out and about. Trying on shoes when your feet are their largest will save you from bringing a seemingly perfect pair of shoes home, only to find out that they get increasingly more uncomfortable throughout the day.

You should never go home empty-handed from a shopping spree—follow these tips to find your perfect fit and your next favorite pair of shoes in no time!

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