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3 Impressive Reasons to Buy Clarks Shoes

Posted on August 24 2015

Purchasing a pair of Clarks is unlike any other experience.

Opening their green and tan box for the first time, inhaling that whiff of new-shoe-smell, and running your hand along the its smooth leather is a simple thrill. It seems just about everyone enjoys these experiences too and has a pair of Wallabees or Desert Boots in their possession. These shoes haven’t become a household name by accident; it’s because of the company’s impressive heritage, expertise, and knowledge.


In 1825, two English brothers, James and Cyrus Clark, decided to use the scraps from their leather tannery’s sheepskin rugs for creating slippers. Before they knew it, sales were averaging at 1,000 pairs a month. They later went on to win two awards for subsequent designs at an exhibition organized by Prince Albert to showcase modern industrial technology and design. Throughout the decades, Clarks shoes have continued to be at the forefront of fashion,  epitomized by the Clarks Desert Boot.


In order to consistently deliver the high-quality shoes Clarks has become famous for, they’ve made an effort to hire industry experts. This begins with their Archivist who is responsible for protecting the company’s irreplaceable material.

With 22,000 different shoe styles stored in their files, the archivist’s job is integral in keeping Clark’s heritage alive. The Last Maker handcrafts each design’s last, which is a tool that determines the shape of a finished shoe. Just as important, the Leather Worker oversees the sourcing of this precious material. The Leather Worker also inspects the leather by hand and ensures each pair is made from a single hide to ensure a matching finish on each shoe. 

Experts such as these ensure that each shoe crafted is superb.


According to Clarks, the average adult takes 7,500 to 10,000 steps a day. In turn, these steps will absorb 750 tons of pressure throughout the body. Considering these facts, it’s important to purchase a shoe that can handle this day-to-day strain. Rather than settling with the designs it’s known for, Clarks is continuously striving to create a better shoe.

Since 1825, the company has registered more than 100 patents that promote foot health.

This includes everything from Clarks Active Air® which allows air to circulate with every step to their industry-changing Gore-Tex® liner which keeps out water while allowing the foot to breath. Their latest development, Clarks Unstructured® , combines the four most important comfort elements (softness, flexibility, lightness, and climate control) to create the ideal shoe.

Clarks are a Shoe Above the Rest

Clarks prides itself on its company’s heritage, expertise, and knowledge, and rightly so. The quality Clarks produces is noticeable in each Desert Boot and Wallabee. These shoes have stood the test of time, and will continue to so. However, don’t expect Clarks to settle with its current level of fame.

The company will continue to follow in the footsteps of founders James and Cyrus Clark by continuously searching for ways to make the average shoe better.

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