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4 Ways Thermolite Insulation Tech Beats MegaMaid’s Vacuum

Posted on July 27 2015

When you’re shoveling two feet of snow or attempting to push past the snowpack to the trail summit, you need to keep your mind focused on the task at hand. But you’re distracted by how cold and wet your feet have become. You need technology to help you accomplish your task.

However, the only technology you’re thinking about is the giant vacuum belonging to Mega Maid from the movie Spaceballs. You shake your fist towards the steel-gray sky and shout, “Commence Operation Vacuu-Suck!” in hopes Mega Maid’s giant vacuum cleaner will appear and suck up all the snow (leaving the air, of course) so you can go about your business.

But if you have boots lined with Thermolite technology, you won’t have to wish for the giant vacuum. The snow won’t bother you because your feet will experience the best technology on the market by keeping them warm and dry with Thermolite insulation.

How Is Thermolite Insulation Better than MegaMaid’s Vacuum?

Has More In Common with a Polar Bear

It all starts with the fibers. Developers of Thermolite fibers took inspiration from polar bear hair, where the fibers retain heat in a hollow core. From there, they designed other fibers that simulate natural insulators, such as down feather and wool.

Performs Well When Wet

If MegaMaid fell through the square hole into Planet Druidia’s ocean, the water would surely ruin any chances of the vacuum’s electrical components ever working again. However, Thermolite insulation keeps performing, even when soaking wet.

The fiber’s unique shape makes it about 22% lighter than round fibers of the same diameter used in other products. The fiber’s design helps move excess moisture away from the skin to the fabric’s exterior surface. 

Withstands Extremely Cold Temperatures Better

MegaMaid would probably cease to operate, but Thermolite insulation thrives in extremely cold temperatures. When looking for footwear with Thermolite insulation, you’ll notice a weight, typically around 200g. Thermolite 200g insulated lining means it is a midweight lining choice designed to keep your feet warm in conditions as cold as -25°F.

Good Value For Your Money
Dark Helmet spent so much time and money on MegaMaid, only to have it blown up by Lone Starr and his allies. However, Thermolite insulation is a much better bang for your buck to accomplish the job it’s intended to do—keeping your feet warm and dry no matter what weather conditions you face.

SRI Shoe Warehouse Offers Thermolite Technology in Warm Winter Boots

SRI Shoe Warehouse knows you want winter boots that not only keep your feet warm, but also dry when extreme weather hits. That’s why we offer a variety of winter boots lined with Thermolite insulation.

For men, the Tundra Lace-Up Cold Weather Boots and the Dawson Winter Shoes, both from Northside, offer 200g of insulation in a seam-sealed, waterproof construction. And for women, the Saint Helens Winter Boot by Northside and the Tahoe Boot from Itasca are ready to tackle a summit hike in weather up to -25°F thanks to Thermolite technology.

With MegaMaid clearly losing the technology battle and Thermolite technology reigning supreme, SRI Shoe Warehouse can offer you a winning winter boot. Check out our selection today with boots for men, women, and kids.

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