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5 Ways ASICS Running Shoes Make You Faster

Posted on September 08 2015

“Anima sana in corpore sano.”

This famous Latin phrase is the basis for the name ASICS as well as the brand’s guiding philosophy. It means “a sound mind in a sound body.” Since it was founded in 1977, that’s the goal ASICS has sought to achieve by designing superior running shoes and athletic gear.

This is a brand that not only promotes a healthy and happy lifestyle, but it is dedicated to the kinds of technical achievements that enable people to live by the ASICS philosophy. To this end, ASICS opened the Research Institute for Sports Science in 1990. Located in Kobe, Japan, this facility brings scientists, athletes, and coaches together for the in-depth R&D.

 Below, you’ll see a video detailing the Institute’s most recent success: a project called MetaRun made possible by 5 exciting new innovations from ASICS.

ASICS Creates Running Shoes Without Limitation

The ASICS research institute covers some 45,000 square feet and consists of an all-weather 350-meter track, basketball and volleyball courts, testing rooms, and laboratories. A staff of more than 200 scientists and trainers use high-speed cameras, 3D measurement systems, and sophisticated computer programs to conduct research and make new innovations.

MetaRun is ASICS’ latest effort to go above and beyond what running shoes are capable of. These shoes are made possible thanks to 5 outstanding innovations.


The midsoles of MetaRun are made of FlyteFoam, the lightest foam ever developed by ASICS. It’s actually 55% lighter than the industry standard, and it’s also super durable. FlyteFoam is reinforced by organic fibers that snap back into position between every step you take and every stride you make. With FlyteFoam, MetaRun keeps you moving forward.


ASICS is well known for shoes with GEL® cushioning like the Kayano, Cumulus, and Sonoma. New in the MetaRun is X-GEL™, a new type of cushioning system. X-GEL is made of 2 types of high-tech gel. These are combined into new, efficient shapes and then positioned precisely within the midsole to grant improved cushioning and resilience.

Jacquard Mesh

“We don’t design the form, but we design the performance.”

That’s the theory behind ASICS’ Jacquard Mesh, the basis for MetaRun’s optimized upper and superior fit. This specially engineered, one-layer mesh brings rubbing between foot and shoe to a minimum. Jacquard Mesh also uses unique weave patterns to improve flexibility and ventilation. As a result, MetaRun is like a pair of gloves for your feet.


The heel of MetaRun is lined with memory foam that conforms to the shape of your ankle. That form is held in place by MetaClutch, a unique clutch counter developed by ASICS that gives your heel a personalized fit every time you put the shoe on. This innovation allows for a smoother, more stable run.


AdaptTruss is another stability enhancer. It’s a carbon-reinforced Trusstic System that absorbs energy and converts it into forward momentum. AdaptTruss adapts to a runner’s pronation (the inward roll of their foot) and eases the pressure they feel after a long run. With this technology in place, you’re less likely to roll an ankle and more likely to run further than you’ve ever run before.

With MetaRun, ASICS set out to create a shoe that raises the performance of a long-distance runner. The resulting innovations have combined into one of the lightest running shoes ever produced, and this technology is sure to proliferate into more ASICS shoes in the future.

If you want to know more about ASICS shoes, a trusted retailer will be able to answer your questions.

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