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Easy Ways to Clean and Care for Your Clark Shoes

Posted on December 12 2016

Taking proper care of your shoes not only helps them look great, but it also allows them to have a longer life-span. If you’re the lucky owner of a classic pair of Clarks, then you’ll want to carefully follow the easy instructions below. When done correctly, your Clarks shoes will last you for years to come.

How to Clean and Care for Clarks Shoes

How to Care for Leather

As leather is a natural material, it is affected by various environmental factors. Sun, air quality, weather, and soil all take their toll on leather. It’s easy to protect your leather, or bring it back to its former glory, with a few simple steps.

Materials Needed: Leather Lotion, Water, and Stain Protectant or Weather Guard (optional)

Step 1: Apply the leather lotion with a rag. The Leather Lotion will clean, polish, and moisturize the leather.

Step 2: Allow the Leather Lotion to dry for 30 minutes. Some prefer to apply the Leather Lotion the night before so they aren’t rushing to get out the door.

Step 3: While optional, the Water and Stain Protectant or the Weather Guard, will, you guessed it, protect your leather against stains and weather. Only one type of protectant is needed, so watch this video to determine which guard is right for your leather.

How to Polish Leather

There aren’t many things that beat the look of a beautifully polished leather shoe or boot. While many think numerous fancy tools and products are needed in order to correctly polish leather, this isn’t necessarily true.

Materials Needed: Quick Shine Sponge

Instructions: Wipe the Quick Shine Sponge evenly over your leather shoes in a circular motion. It’s a simple as that!

How to Clean Suede and Nubuck

Suede and nubuck shoes have a great, velvety texture. However, a lot of people shy away from buying these shoes as many think they’re hard to clean. Taking care of suede and nubuck is fairly simple, though, and only a few tools are required.

Materials Needed: Horsehair Brush, Cleaning Bar (optional)

Step 1: Use the Horsehair Brush to brush along the grain of the fabric of your shoe.

Step 2: While Step 1 will take care of most problems, a Cleaning Bar can be used to erase a persistent stain. Gently rub the Cleaning Bar over the soiled area until the blemish disappears.  

Step 3: Once the stain has been removed, use the Horsehair Brush one more time to brush the suede in the direction of the grain.

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