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Find the Perfect Shoe to Fit Each of Your New Year’s Wishes

Posted on July 08 2015

The holidays wouldn’t be complete without New Year’s resolutions. When considering New Year’s resolutions, we often think about improvements to our health or relationships. You may join a gym, wish to dwell in nature more, or vow to spend more quality time with family and friends.

Congratulations on your new goals! Now, you need the perfect footwear to help you achieve your resolutions.

SRI Shoe Warehouse Has the Perfect Fit

If you are one of the more than 12 percent of gym members who join in January, you’ll need to consider what you’re putting on your feet when you get ready to step on the treadmill. Chances are the old shoes you thought would be fine will actually cause pain and damage to your feet. Whether you want to run, participate in team sports, or lift weights, you need to make sure the shoes you wear are supportive, the correct size, and fit the physiology of your foot. With the proper athletic shoe, you can protect your feet, increase athletic performance, and maximize economy of energy.

Traversing through quiet forests, summiting peaks, and scrambling across rocky waterfalls definitely require proper, supportive footwear. You don’t want to be ill-prepared and miserable with dime-sized blisters miles away from any band-aid. Consider how many miles you want to put on your boots and the type of terrain you’re crossing when selecting the perfect pair of hiking shoes and backcountry boots.

If you’re looking for the perfect high heel for a date, a Girls’ Night Out, or special occasion, make sure you pick the most comfortable and stylish ones for your feet. The SRI guide to selecting the most comfortable high heels is a great place to start, giving you 5 qualities to look for in that perfect set of heels.

When you’re spending time with family and friends, you may opt for a more quiet, intimate setting. However, that doesn’t mean you have to forego style! SRI Shoe Warehouse has thousands of casual footwear to have you looking great, no matter if you’re laughing over a board game or preparing to share a feast with family and friends.

At SRI Shoe Warehouse, we want to help you achieve your New Year’s resolutions by being prepared with the proper footwear. Happy New Year from SRI Shoe Warehouse!

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