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How to Buy Shoes Online: The World’s Easiest Guide

Posted on July 02 2015

The 4-Step Process to Buy Shoes Online

Across the Internet, you’ll find a number of places to buy shoes. Some sources, like Ebay, lack the personal touch a shoe store offers. Others, like the manufacturer, often charge premium prices. So it is important to find a place that promises quality and affordability.

But we digress. Here are the four simple steps you need to take in order to buy a pair of shoes online.

Step 1: Size It

You won’t be able to try the shoe on (as long as you’re reading this before 2050—after that … who knows). It’s important that you know the size of your foot, so look at shoes that currently fit well. Consider the length and width of your foot, as well as any conditions you have. These factors may help fine tune your next step.

Step 2: Google It

Okay, so you may prefer Yahoo! or Bing. Regardless of preference, you’ll need to conduct a search for shoes. There are different methods you can utilize to search for the shoe.

  • Use style or type: “sassy high heels”
  • Use size: “size 14 light-up sneakers”
  • Use brand name: “red ball jets”
  • Use color or design: “sweet, rad, gnarly yellow and pink sneakers”

Disclaimer: Red Ball Jets were awesome shoes. Emphasis on were. The shoe company no longer exists. We didn’t want you to think a shoe store would recommend shoes that don’t exist!

Step 3: Review It

Read customer reviews. If you have a foot condition, look to see if anyone mentions problems with that particular shoe for your condition. Check on sizing because it is not uniform across all brands. Just this little bit of due diligence is the difference between satisfaction and disappointment.

Step 4: Buy It

So, let’s refer back to what we said at the beginning. Find a place that offers quality and affordability. Go on their website and locate that perfect, pristine shoe. Press a few clicks. Do a little dance. And tear the box open like how a honey badger “don’t care.”

Write a Review of Your Experience (and the Shoe)

It’s always important to leave feedback. Whether it’s on Facebook (a powerful engine for reviews), on the website, or posted to a forum, you can voice your opinion on the experience you’ve had—and how amazing your new shoes are.

It’s time you treated your feet. Get out there and find the perfection mixture of form and function.

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