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How To Find Your Perfect Fit At SRI

Posted on October 02 2017

Whenever you make a new purchase, you want to be sure it’s something worth buying. In the realm of clothing, shoes, and accessories, there are many things to consider beyond just the standard “is this a good product?”

If you are making a new fashion purchase, you want to make sure that it’s not only good quality but that it’s the best new wardrobe addition for you. Will you wear it often? Can you see yourself wearing it for a long time? And most importantly, is it the perfect fit for you and your style?

SRI wants to help you find the shoes that fit with your favorite activities perfectly. Shop our occasions page to easily find footwear that suits your wants, needs, and budget!

Use These Deciding Factors When Shopping

When you go shoe shopping, you might find a few pairs that would work for your needs, especially in a place like SRI with more than 50,000 styles from which to choose. Let’s take things a step further so you can narrow down your options and make sure you go home with your perfect fit.


The first thing you’ll want to consider: is this my style? Think about the rest of your clothes (especially those you wear, and rewear… and take out of the laundry to wear again). Try to choose shoes that match with the clothing items and styles you wear most often because that means you’ll wear them more, too. Pick a shoe color that appeals to you and that you think you’ll enjoy wearing with many different ensembles.


It’s never fun to be inconvenienced by uncomfortable shoes. Because SRI stocks so many styles and brands, you can always be sure you can try on the pair of shoes you have your eye on before making your purchase. After selecting your favorite styles, try each of them on and walk for a minute or so in each of them to make sure they fit your foot well.


It is possible to find your perfect fit without breaking the bank — yes, even if you’re looking for style and comfort, too. Our vast selection means we carry something in everyone’s budget, just let our employees know what you’re looking for and let them help you find it. When you want to spend less and look like a million bucks, shop styles like SRI’s favorite shoes under $40.


You are trying to find your perfect fit, after all. Your new shoes need to be all yours! Whether you’re an athlete looking for new running shoes, an adventurer looking for a great pair of hiking boots, or a fashionista trying to get your hands on the latest styles, you’ll find shoes that fit your individual styles and interests at SRI.

Want to get started finding your next great pair of shoes? Visit our warehouse in Raleigh, North Carolina, to start shopping.

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